Semi permanent make up, as the name suggests, is make up that, while not exactly permanent will not smudge or smear either.  Also known as micropigmentation or permanent make up, the procedures  involve inserting pigment into the dermal (shallow) layer of the skin  using state of the art digital machinery , for minimum pain and maximum result. The procedures bring shape and definition to the brows, eyes and lips erasing the need for conventional make-up.


That all depends on the individual.  We are all distinctly unique, each one of us has a different level of tolerance to pain.  What might feel unbearable to you may be little more than a  discomfort to the next.  As someone who has first hand experience, having had my brows, eyes and lips tattooed, I can honestly say the sensation was not dissimilar to an persistant itch.  I had the uncontrollable urge to scratch the affected area while the procedure was being performed, aside from that the stinging subsided as soon as the procedure ended.  A topical anaesthetic is applied before and during procedure to minimise discomfort.


Everything!! What's NOT great about it!!? Semi-permanent make up is huge in other parts of the world, it originated from America from where the concept has spread to all corners of the globe.  In parts of South-East Asia, it is hard to find many who have not succumbed to this open secret that enables a woman to look flawlessly made up day and night, without the need for reapplying her make up again and again. Semi-permanent make up is especially beneficial to hayfever sufferers, those who suffer from alopecia or other hair loss problems, athletes, swimmers, contact lens wearers or anyone who wants to look good all day yet avoid the rigor of daily makeup application. Think of all the time you would save in a  year if you no longer have to spend ten minutes each morning applying your make up from scratch!! If like myself, your brows are naturally shapeless or straight and sparse, an eyebrow procedure would change all that, bringing definition, shape and creating an arch, where there wasn't one, resulting in a natural beautiful brow that could take years off you, much like having a brow lift without the surgery and expense!  I could not recommend this product enough, whether you frequently wear make up or not, the result is both natural and long lasting and honestly who doesn't want to look their very best everyday!!  I am so glad of  the day I discovered semi-permanent make up for myself and the positive benefits it brings, I'm sure you will too.


I trained under a medical doctor at The London School of Permanent Make-Up, who has been experienced in the field of micropigmentation for over 10 years.  At the clinic where she practises,  an allergy test is not offered unless requested so I work under the same policy.  Allergic reactions to permanent make up in general are very rare. Statistics indicate there is less than 0.1% out of every 100,000 permanent make up procedures that result in an allergic reaction  therefore the chances of a person developing such a reaction are extremely remote. The products I use including pigments and needles are hypoallergenic ensuring the risks of allergies are reduced. If you have very sensitive skin and are prone to allergies you may request a patch test, in which case 24 hours must elapse before your procedure can take place.  It is also worth bearing in mind that patch tests do not necessarily guarantee an accurate prediction as to whether you are suitable for permanent makeup or not as it can take months or even years for any reactions to take place.


Unlike  a number of websites demanding considerably more than myself, I actually display pictures to illustrate  samples of my work. The examples of work I have displayed speak for themselves, they are all original, not carbon copies from the internet nor duplicated from various semi permanent brochures, so you can make your own judgement based on the work I have produced and not by how much I charge. As with most things in life, buying expensive goods equates to you paying extra for the brand and packaging but the product remains the same.  I use the most up-to-date digital machinery available on the market , I use the same high quality pigments and hypoallergenic, disposable needles as all the leading clinics. I adhere to the same strict standard of hygiene  as the next micropigmentation specialist, however I can afford to be more competitive  as I chose not to spend more than necessary on a  professional website nor operate from an expensive postcode so I can pass on the savings to you, the client.  In terms of costs, it is and can be an expensive procedure for many but if you compare it to other short-term beauty enhancements such as Botox, collagen lip implants or the upkeep of your hair and nails which all require regular maintenance, then semi-permanent makeup is actually more cost effective. Consider also the savings of time and money you would otherwise spend on conventional makeup, then the benefits of semi-permanent makeup really does outweigh the initial costs. The reality is there are few people able and willing to spend hundreds of pounds for a new set of brows, but by making it a little more affordable I would hopefully introduce this wonderful concept to a much wider audience, which would benefit everyone in the long run.


Semi-permanent make up is completely safe and natural.  It can be applied to the majority of people, men or women with no harm due, however there are very few exceptions when semi-permanent make up is not recommended:

* Those under the age of 18

* Pregnant women

*People susceptible to keloids formation (pink,fibrous growths that form on the skin following injury)

Please bear in mind also that the full lips procedure is not as simple and straightforward as an eyebrow or eyeliner application.  It is the hardest area to retain colour and fading will occur considerably so mutiple applications are vital. Lips will require a gradual build up of colour in order for the desired shade to be achieved, hence the reason why it is necessary to have 2 repeat applications following the initial procedure. Those with naturally dark or blue lips will not be able to achieve pink or red shades but various tones of brown can be achieved using semi-permanent makeup.  The general rule to remember is - the darker your skin the darker the end  result will be.


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